Unfortunately, I fell silent this year, at least on this blog. I feel it's the wrong place here to describe in detail why I think this happened, because I prefer to keep this blog committed to my ideas and not merely what happens in my life. But like all abstractions, it's a leaky one and … Continue reading Tumbleweed.gif

Notes on single-var calculus

Calculus is really cool and rich. NB: This isn't what I've been researching for the past few months -- that's coming soon. I'm sick of having this 2-year-old draft sitting around so I'm finishing it. NB: I read this back and my eyes do the usual thing where all the equations turn into so I … Continue reading Notes on single-var calculus

Notes on the Differences Between Things

This series will deal with the following truly widespread concept: the absolute "state", and the relative "change between states". Some examples: Points and Vectors Certain areas of mathematics (e.g. homogenous co-ordinates in computer graphics) distinguish between points -- i.e. multiple origins -- and vectors, the "displacements between points". You can't really do any operations on … Continue reading Notes on the Differences Between Things