Status report / notes

I'm currently on 8 drafts. Some of them are nearly empty, others have a fair bit in them and have been sitting around for months. It's so frustrating. I feel like I should at least say something about them so it's not all for nothing. I'll do them from oldest to newest, all current working … Continue reading Status report / notes

Canvas: the assembly language of Web graphics

Now that I have a way to persist my JS console development, it's time to get to basic graphics as soon as possible. Something I must keep in mind here: I should be able to get away with horrible, hack-ish solutions in the short-term, because the whole point is that I should be able to … Continue reading Canvas: the assembly language of Web graphics

The road to BootstrapLab

Initially, the only starting platform that has the best combination of ease-of-deployment, ease-of-sharing,¬†interactivity, reflection, and graphics + interaction programming, is the browser with its built-in JavaScript console. That is where this begins.* Make it so that a world can be built up interactively in the console, but then persisted and restored at a later time. … Continue reading The road to BootstrapLab