Notes on single-var calculus

Calculus is really cool and rich. NB: This isn't what I've been researching for the past few months -- that's coming soon. I'm sick of having this 2-year-old draft sitting around so I'm finishing it. NB: I read this back and my eyes do the usual thing where all the equations turn into so I … Continue reading Notes on single-var calculus

Notes on Galois Theory

Or, with apologies to any French readers Réflexions sur la résolution des articles mathématiques incompréhensibles par blog posts. Since the year 2013, seemingly every springtime I become interested in the theory of algebraic equations / polynomials / Galois theory. Ever since I was a teenager I have really really wanted to understand why the general … Continue reading Notes on Galois Theory

Notes on the Differences Between Things

This series will deal with the following truly widespread concept: the absolute "state", and the relative "change between states". Some examples: Points and Vectors Certain areas of mathematics (e.g. homogenous co-ordinates in computer graphics) distinguish between points -- i.e. multiple origins -- and vectors, the "displacements between points". You can't really do any operations on … Continue reading Notes on the Differences Between Things