What am I aiming for again?

Note: the following article is entirely fictional. Its use is solely as a sketch of the sort of thing I'd write if/when I eventually succeed in my work. How to create your own introspective sandbox from scratch in 1 hour Today, we will create a web page that: Is made of 2D SVG shapes Which … Continue reading What am I aiming for again?

Reflections on the evolution of a toy system

A while ago, I abandoned my graph-drawing track in BootstrapLab and started over in a new direction. This was productive, but now that I'm coming to a stage of increased friction with the sorts of things I'm trying to add, I feel this is a good time to pause and discuss what I've been doing. … Continue reading Reflections on the evolution of a toy system

Ideas for a “human-friendly” “dumb” substrate

What distinguishes the computer medium from all the others? What constitutes a "simulator"? What's the minimal "machinery" needed? The Church-Turing thesis says: it's the Turing machine. This does depend on what you mean by "minimal" or "simplest". I actually think that the random-access Register Machine is the best place to start, and I view the … Continue reading Ideas for a “human-friendly” “dumb” substrate

3. Hacking together OROM/(DOM+Ctrl+Shift+J)

Considerations, and rough devlog, for implementing the Id object system described in Open, Reusable Object Models (and related material) in an already-existing visual interactive platform: Objects and vtables An object is a bunch of mutable state (1). In every object A, there is a special part of this state that points to another object (2). This is called the vtable of … Continue reading 3. Hacking together OROM/(DOM+Ctrl+Shift+J)