[Draft] Make use of what already exists!

Up till recently I'd had roughly the following plan: Use JS, the console and Canvas to build a "mark 0" retained-mode graphics system Use the graphics system to build stuff, e.g. the Id object model. But now I realise that I was mistaken on two counts. First, given what I'm aiming for in point #2, … Continue reading [Draft] Make use of what already exists!

Indoctrination materia — ahem, reading list

I'm going to boldly attempt to order these by "urgency". It does take time out of your day to read and watch and absorb this stuff, so I am thinking along the lines of "If you look at┬ájust one thing, it would have to be ..." Two names appear a lot: Alan Kay, and Bret … Continue reading Indoctrination materia — ahem, reading list