Post-tutorial tour of GameMaker

I've been really impressed with "GameMaker Studio 2" after returning to it at long last. Particularly at the streamlining of its user interface and documentation compared to when I last used it. (I am slightly sad that there's no unlimited free trial anymore, but at least "sorry, purchase the Pro edition for the privilege to … Continue reading Post-tutorial tour of GameMaker

Biting the (obj_)bullet

It's happened. The energy slowly building up over many years has finally overflowed the potential barrier and caused action to occur. I have at long last gritted my teeth, swallowed my ego and completed my long orbit to return to my starting position... I have once again downloaded GameMaker! What is now clear is that … Continue reading Biting the (obj_)bullet

Ideas for a “human-friendly” “dumb” substrate

What distinguishes the computer medium from all the others? What constitutes a "simulator"? What's the minimal "machinery" needed? The Church-Turing thesis says: it's the Turing machine. This does depend on what you mean by "minimal" or "simplest". I actually think that the random-access Register Machine is the best place to start, and I view the … Continue reading Ideas for a “human-friendly” “dumb” substrate